an initiative aimed to promote equality and women leadership in international arbitration
RWA runs various projects that aim to support female lawyers to reach their goals in the arbitration field. Through our initiatives, we hope to create a more inclusive and equitable landscape.
RWA Mentoring Programme provides young female lawyers with opportunities to interact and exchange views with seasoned dispute resolution practitioners.
Young professionals can ask their questions and RWA, together with experienced dispute resolution lawyers and other specialists, will answer them.
RWA invites arbitration practitioners to meet up for a casual lunch to get to know and network with like-minded professionals, discuss spot-on topics, as well as exchange experience and helpful insights.
As part of the InspoWoman project, RWA shares short interviews with Russian-speaking women who have built successful careers in the field of arbitration in Russia and abroad.
A scholarship to recognize and support the talent of young female arbitration practitioners and students from Russia who strive to develop professionally in international arbitration.
Video interviews with international stars in the field of arbitration.

*prohibited in Russia