an initiative aimed to promote equality and women leadership in international arbitration
RWA events
Russian Women in Arbitration is a dynamic community that is committed to promoting gender equality in the field of arbitration. To achieve this goal, RWA organizes and participates in various events that aim to raise awareness and promote the importance of gender equality and inclusivity within and outside of the arbitration community. These events provide a platform for arbitration practitioners to share their experiences, network, and learn from one another.
The Team teachable
November 24, 2023
As part of the RWA Mentoring Programme, we held an open event – the mastermind workshop on negotiations with Marina Akchurina. The format gave participants an opportunity to discuss and brainstorm solutions to the problems related to the topic. Different perspectives from group members served as a source for a new understanding of the problem and shed light on possible solutions.

The workshop took place at the Russian Arbitration Center (Moscow, Kadashevskaya embankment 14, bldg 3).
The Team teachable
October 10, 2023
Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration hosted a large-scale conference titled "Arbitration in the Spotlight" in the halls of Moscow's oldest hotel, "Metropol".

RWA were pleased to support the panel discussion dedicated to the challenges of adapting to the ever-changing business landscape from the perspective of female leaders.
The Team teachable
September 30, 2023
RWA held an open discussion “LL.M. Abroad: Myths and Reality” as part of the RWA MentorIng Programme. RWA talked to graduates of the top universities about the opportunities, challenges and real-life experiences of getting an LL.M. degree outside Russia. The participants also shared details about the admission process, student life and answer questions.
The Team teachable
January 24, 2022
The online event featured among its panellists Dana MacGrath (ArbitralWomen), Veronica Sandler (Women Way in Arbitration), Elijah Putilin (R.E.A.L.), Veronika Burachevskaya (RWA), and was moderated by Elena Burova (RWA).

Elena Burova also has written an article entitled "Diversity and Intersectionality in International Arbitration: Where Do We Stand?" which provides a summary of the panel's discussion on the topic.
September 10, 2021
During the event, RWA presented the preliminary results of a statistical study on arbitrator gender diversity in Russian arbitral institutions. This significant study aimed to examine the representation of male and female arbitrators within these institutions.
March 4, 2021
Clubhouse Discussion
"RWA Abroad: Building Career in International Arbitration"
We had the privilege to engage with inspiring women from Russia who are forging successful careers in the field of international arbitration abroad. The discussion centered around their experiences, challenges, and triumphs as they navigated their professional journeys outside their home country.
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